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Content of the Workshop
What is AI? 
  • How should we define AI?
  • Related Fields
  • Philosophy of AI
AI problem solving
  • Search and Problem Solving
  • Solving Problems with AI
Machines Learning
  • The types of Machine Learning
  • About predicting the future
  • The societal implications of AI

     As you have probably noticed, AI is currently a "hot topic": media coverage and public discussion about AI is almost impossible to avoid. However, you may also have noticed that AI means different things to different people. For some, AI is about artificial life-forms that can surpass human intelligence, and for others, almost any data processing technology can be called AI.

      To set the scene, so to speak, we'll discuss what AI is, how it can be defined, and what other fields or technologies are closely related. Before we do so, however, we'll highlight three applications of AI that illustrate different aspects of AI. We'll return to each of them throughout the course to deepen our understanding.

Artificial Intelligence
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